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Interesting Dover items …. 
From the old newspapers
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War and Conflict

picture military uniforms c.1812
LIEUT.COL. THORPE:   "It is with regret we announce in our obituary of today the death of this highly esteemed officer and gentleman, which took place on Tuesday last at his residence 2 St James Terrace, Dover after a short illness.  A widow and son survive to lament their loss – the former being a daughter of the Revd John Maule the late respected minister of St Marys (ie. Dover).  The military services of the deceased officer extend over a period of nearly 40 years:  he served in the Peninsula from June 1811 to the end of the war, and received the war medal with one clasp for Cuidad Rodrigo.  His commissions are dated as follows:    Ensign, March 1811;      Lieutenant, Jan 1813;      Captain, August 1825;        Major, May 1841;     Lieutenant-Colonel Feb 1845."   (Dover Telegraph Sat 29 Jan 1853 back page col.2 Local Affairs)
Also on back page col.6: deaths:  “Jan 25 at Dover, after a few hours illness, Edward THORPE Esq.  late Lieut-Col. Of the 21st Regiment of Fusiliers and formerly of the 89th Regt, in his 58th year”.
LIEUT-GENERAL THOMAS HUTCHESSON:  "On 28th inst, at his residence, Clarence Lawn, Dover, after a long and painful illness,  Lieut- General Thomas HUTCHESSON, Royal Artillery, aged 76 years.  Beloved and deeply regretted"  ( Dover Telegraph Aug 29 1857 back page deaths)
Also:  Dover Telegraph 5 Sep 1857 back page deaths: "On 28th ult, at his residence Clarence Lawn, Dover, after a long and painful illness, Lieut-General HUTCHESSON, Royal Artillery, Colonel Commandant of 13th Battalion, aged 76 years, beloved and deeply regretted."
(NB He served in the Royal Artillery Foot Battery (later Lt-General), served in Peninsular and Waterloo Campaign)
COL.JOSEPH LOGAN:   "Sept 1 at Dover, Colonel Joseph LOGAN, of the 63rd Regt with which he had served in India for the last 10 years.  Gunner LOGAN when quartered at Dover in 1826 was Major of the 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade. He has served with the expedition to Hanover in 1805, to Copenhagen 1807,  the Corunna campaign,  and subsequently in the Peninsular, from 1812 to the end of the war;  and was wounded at Waterloo whilst in command of the Rifle Brigade."
(Dover Telegraph Sept 7 1844 back page.  Deaths)
Sir William WHYMPER M.D.  died  Nov 1850,  Surgeon-Major to Coldstreams.  Was at Peninsular and at Waterloo.   "Death: November 28 at Dover, after a few days illness, Sir William WYMPER, late of the Coldstream Guards, universally esteemed and regretted."  (Dover Telegraph 7 December 1850 p.8 col.4)
picture military uniforms c.1812
“Dover April 4 1799 -  Upwards of 800 prisoners of war arrived here this day from Dunkirk. It was said at Dunkirk before their departure that General Jourdan had been reinforced and gained some advantages since his defeat.” 
(Kentish  Gazette April 5 1799 back page col.4)
  wording on button: "CINQ PORTS"
Cinque Ports Volunteer Rifles button
World War I
World War II
Winston Churchill
"Th 19 Oct  1797  At noon the Castle, Forts, Militia and volunteers fired to celebrate the Victory, a grand Supper at the Theatre.

Sat 21 Oct 1797  This forenoon Admiral Duncan was here and also Mr Pitt and Mr Dundas, etc. In the evening the Town was illuminated with other marks of joy for our late naval victory.

Tues 16 Jany 1798  This day at noon I went to the pier and I saw at Mr Latham’s quay the French Cutter Privateer of 14 guns belonging to Calais, which was taken last week by the Racoon sloop and sent in here.  It appeared quite a new vessel, observed it had the topmast shot away and had several shot holes in the sails.

Tues 8 May 1798  This day news came to Dover that Sir Sidney Smith had escaped from his confinement in France and had arrived in London.

Wed 3 Oct  1798  This day the Gazette account arrived of the important Victory of Admiral Nelson in the defeat and destruction of the French Fleet near Rosetta on the Coast of Egypt.

Fri 26 Oct  1798 I went to the Pier and saw in the large Room at the Ship Tavern the French Generals Humbert and Sarazin and another that were taken Prisoners in Ireland by Genl. Lake.  Genl. Coote was in the room with them and they afterwards dined at Mr Fector’s and went to the Ball in the evening.

W 6 Feb 1799  This forenoon a French Cartel Brig having the Union Jack at the foremast and the French flag at the main mast came into the Harbour bringing a great many English soldiers who had been prisoners in France nearly four years.

Sat 23 March 1799  This forenoon Mr Henry Pascall the Pilot called in to see me, he had just returned home from his imprisonment in Holland where he had been detained since the beginning of November

Sun 4 August 1799  This afternoon I walked down the pier and saw 4 transports which had come in the harbour from Guernsey and Jersey with the 35th Regiment on board, who are going to Barham down camp to join the troops which are now assembled and encamped there to be embarked in the intended expedition."


Napoleonic wars
Napoleonic wars
South African War
Crimean wars
Crimean Hero:

George HEARNDEN (PHOTO) pictured with medals – PHOTO by Jacolette of Dover 
(ref ILL/2303, Dover Ref Library collection)

Robert BAYLEY aged 83 death Nov 23 in Dover “Crimean veteran” medal, and was in the coastguards at Kingsdown near Deal and railway for 25 years. Funeral Buckland Cemetery (nonconformist part). More details and mourners
(Dover Express 1 Dec 1916 p.3)

J. Denwood JORDAN aged 82 of Dover – funeral. A “Crimean Veteran” (Dover Express Sep 25 1914 p.5 col.5)
See also (Dover Express Sep 18 1914 back page col.2)

"Mr George REID of Taradale, a Veteran of the Crimea, passed away at his home on Saturday evening at the grand old age of 92 years. Born at DOVER England in 1842, the late Mr REID went to sea at an early age, serving on men-ofwar.
He served in the Crimean War as a Powder Boy at the age of 14 yrs. In 1869 he gave up his Naval Career and in
the same year came to live at Taradale, where he had resided since. Four years later he married, and last year he and Mrs REID celebrated their Diamond Jubilee.”   (info from family 1988)

John TOOK,  aged 88 death – at Kearsney, Dover, one of few remaining Crimean Veterans – Long details
(Dover Express 22.9.1916 p.5 col.2)
South African War:

BOER WAR veterans:

Anthony PHIPPEN,  (PHOTO of him) (was in Boer war and in W. Africa) - now abroad – details;  youngest son
of  Mr A. PHIPPEN of 2 Durham Hill, Dover (Dover Express 2/6/1916 p. 8)

(Lance-Corporal, R.A.M.C.) CLARKE - PHOTO of him – who served through the South African War
was called up on reserve Aug 4 1914 and has been serving in France since Sept 10 1914.   Mrs CLARKE lives at 165 Clarendon Street, Dover and SHE has 4 brothers and 2 brothers in law serving in the Army. Her father also is “under Government” (Dover Express 3.3.1916 p.3)

(Private) E.J.W. KISBEE - PHOTO – who had previously served in the South-African War,  is in the Bedfordshire Regiment (Transport Workers' Battalion) and was enlisted from the Dover National Reserve in Aug 1914, went to France Dec 1914.   Wife and six children live at 6 Pleasant Row, Dover. His son, Pte. R.H.KISBEE is also
pictured (Dover Express 26 Apr 1918 page 3)

(Sapper) E.J. KINGSFORD died of wounds on June 26,  had also served in South African War, had medal with 5 bars. Son of Mr W. KINGSFORD of 51 Crabble Hill, Dover, who has 3 other sons and 2 sons in law serving; another son was lost in the South African war in 1901 (Dover Express 28 July 1916 p.8)

(Gunner) H.W. THORSBY (PHOTO of him) who served through the South African War, joined up in Sept 1914 but was discharged in 1915; he was on the District Establishment at the Castle and at Drop Redoubt, Dover.
Son in law of Mr and Mrs SCAMP of St Radigund's House, Coombe Near Dover
(Dover Express 22 March 1918 p.8)
War in India
SOLDIERS leave Dover for Bombay, 1888:

“On Tuesday morning a draft of 110 men from the 2nd E.Kent Regiment and a draft of 120 men from Munster fusiliers WILL LEAVE Dover by special train for Portsmouth dockyard to embark on HMS Serapis for conveyance to Bombay.” 
(Dover Standard Oct 6 1888 page 5 col.4) 
"On Tuesday morning two drafts of men from the regiments stationed at this garrison left Dover.  The draft from E.Kent Regiment consisted of one sergt, 2 Corporals, 110 privates under the command of Major Cook (2nd Manchester Regiment), and Lieut. Cayley of W.Yorks Regt.     The men entrained at the S.E. station at 7.30am and, with the exception of stoppage at Shorncliffe to collect something, were conveyed direct to Portsmouth dockyard where they embarked in the “Serapis” which left on the following day for Bombay.
(Dover Standard 13 October 1888 page 5 col.5)
Rejoicings across the Channel?

"Friday night between 7 and 9 o'clock a great deal of firing was heard at Dover from the opposite coast, and towards the latter part of the time a great blaze was distinctly seen from Dover Pier.  As no intelligence has since reached us we presume it must have arisen from the rejoicings on the occasion of Napoleon's return to Paris."    (Kentish Gazette 11 Aug 1807 back page col.4)
'Press Gang'

"Mr John SOLLY of Sandwich Kent who was seized by 'Press Gang' in 1808 for the Navy;  served through the French wars on HMS "Bellerophon",  was one of the crew ordered off to guard Napoleon at St Helena: 
and was there until Napoleon's death in April 1821"
(note in Dover Express 10.8.1917 p.3  at the time of his descendant Stephen SOLLY's death in Dover aged 77 )

1865 -  Militia Review at Archcliffe Fort.
1865 -  Militia Review at Archcliffe Fort.
1865 -  Militia Review at Archcliffe Fort.