Support Your Towns Businesses

If we know anything we know how important a local economy is. If you do not support local businesses then the taxes for your town won’t help to build and create better things for your neighborhood. If you continue to go outside of your neighborhood for the basic necessities then you are in turn hurting your local government.


Local Economy is What Matters

Everyone has somewhere to live. If you have a home in a neighborhood that makes wise choices with the taxes that you pay then you want to do all that you can do to support that system. Taxes aren’t all evil like some would want you to relive. People are evil, not the system designed to protect them. If you can live in a place that makes wise choices with all funds then it would be best for you to support them by spending only with businesses that pay taxes for your town.

Local Elections Matter

If you think that it doesn’t matter who wins your local election you are so wrong. Can you imagine if someone who is horrible with their own personal finances were ever elected into your local office? They would most likely make bad decisions with your tax money as well. This is why it is very important for you to be a part of you local government. You wouldn’t trust children to make the decisions for your well being then you shouldn’t trust children to run your city.