Latest Nail Salon Art Trends

Now that the summer is closing to an end, it is time to check out the latest nail design trends for the upcoming fall season. A new season is a great opportunity to update your style and try something new. These three nail art designs will be sure to please nail art fashionistas of all kinds, whether your preference is simple or outrageous. Check out the latest nail design trends from theĀ salon list website nail salon directory below. Each of these nail styles can be done from home if you are in a pinch.

Nail Salon For the Minimalist

nude-nailsIf you prefer to keep it simple and strive for a more natural look, then you will love this latest nail design trend! Fall brings nude shades into the spotlight. Some of the trendy looks spotted on the runway include a nude polish, with a petite dot or other tiny pattern in a vampy shade of your choice. Others have included just a simple but beautiful nude to subtly light pink shade, keeping it casual or dressy. This hot look allows you to be playful without going over the top. If you work in a professional setting, this would be a safe choice that allows you to look cute without overdoing it.

Nail Salon For the Bold

This next nail design is for the girl who isn’t afraid to show a little sass. If your closet includes more black than anything else, you will be thrilled about the bold nail polish choice that will be making a hit this fall. Much like the latest lip trends, we are seeing a huge shift to a more Gothic vibe. Dark polishes, especially black and plum shades, have been popping up everywhere. One option that is catching a lot of attention is showing off a sleek matte coat. Bonus points if you add an accent nail with black jewels or pearls to achieve the ultimate sassy girl look.

Nail Salon For the Glamorous

The third hottest nail trend is for any girl who loves a glamorous look that catches everyone eye. If you love glitter, then your next nail choice has to be a French manicure with a twist. Instead of a white tip, adding a glitter tip will have your nails on point and sparkling! If you’re not a fan of French manicures, consider adding some glitter to your dark base nail polish. This will have you hitting on two trends, the Gothic look and pop of glitter. For the nail art fashionistas that love a glam look but are not a fan of glitter, you can ensure you add that trendy sparkle to your manicure by adding a flash of silver polish or by adding rhinestone embellishments. Make it an accent nail or add it to all of them. Either way, this nail art trend is sure to catch the attention of any passerby.

Which look will you go far? Do you prefer a minimalist, Gothic or glam vibe? The fall season is bring a great variety of nail art design trends that can please nail art fashionistas of all kinds. Just think, dark polishes, eye catching accents or a simple nude and you will be set for the season.